Gel Polish and Manicures

Deluxe Gel Polish Mani  $35

Nails are shaped and buffed.  cuticles detailed and a peach scrub is applied.  Massage.  Gel Polish of your choice.  Gel Polish last 14 days or longer according to your lifestyle.

Nail Lacquer Mani  $20

Nails are shaped and buffed and cuticles pushed back.  Polish is applied.

Deluxe Lacquer Mani  $30

Nails are shaped and buffed and cuticles pushed back.. peach exfoliating scrub is applied followed by massage and polish.


What is Gel Polish?

Gel Polish is not  nail polish at all.  There is confusion because of the word polish in its name and because it comes in a bottle with a brush.  This amazing product came on the market in 2010 known by  the brand name Shellac by CND.  Many nail companies have thier version of the product now.

Gel Polish is a derivitive of Gel that  nail enhancements are made of. ( please see video on Gel nail page)

Gel Polish is applied in 4 layers with each layer having to cure in a UV or newer light sources known as LED lights.  This type of light is not a polish dryer.  it does nothing for regular polish!

The spetrum of invisiable rays(like the rainbow)causes the molecules in the gel to move around and harden  at the same time  causing it to chemically  bond to your nail.. and lasting anywhere from 14 days or more!   This product must be soaked off with acetone and should not be forceably scraped off or peeled as it will also take off your nail layers.  Leave it to the professionals when u get a new gel manicure! 

Please  know that products sold as Gel polish in drugstores is not real gel polish unless you cure it in a light!  Sorry  but the companies proclaiming their product to be gel polish without having to light cure is just nail polish with a bit more durability if any and sold at an inflated price.  Consumer Beware!