Pedicures and Toenail Enhancements.

Deluxe Spa Pedicure with

Eucalyptis Aromatherapy  1 hour  $50

includes nail trimming and heel buffing

*sugar scrub exfoliation

*softening mask  *hot towels

*20  minute ultimate massage

gel polish add $15

Come relax in my pedicure chair.  Many have said that the leather is nice and the vibrating massage is very comfortable.

All services begin with sanitizer and all implements have been disinfected.  Each client gets a new disposable nail file and a disposable callus file.  Pumice stones have been banned by State Board of Cosmetology as  many salons have tried to keep reusing them but they cannot be disinfected.  Callus razors have been banned for many years.  Pedicure tubs must be cleaned with a water and bleach solution and must sit for at least 10 minutes for proper disinfection.  Simply spraying the tub with scrubbing bubbles and wiping down WILL NOT disinfect the tub!!

Bella signature PeachAroma Spa Pedi 1 hr 15  $65

Bella Eucalyptus spa Pedi  45 mins     $45.

Acrylic Toenail Enhancements  $35

need maintenance every 6 weeks

Pink & white toenails  $50

Sports Pedicure  35 minutes  $35

This is a plain pedicure that includes nail trimming and a heel buff.  Gentle  massage teaser followed by nail laqeur of your choice..    Choose long lasting gel polish addtl $15