There is no such thing as gel powder!  The liquid and powder mix your salon is using is  ACRYLIC.  You probably wondered what the difference was between the acrylic you used to get and the new "gel powder" your nail tech is about to put on your nail.  MMMM! Both look the same huh? Liquid mixed with powder.  And you were charged more for this new type of nail because you were told "it better for your nail"

Gel has never come in powder form and never will because it is not the same thing!

Gel is a honey like substance that is put on in successive layers and cured in a UV lamp for each layer.  Real gel does not airdry.  Please watch the video to see Tammy Taylor demonstrate Gel Nails.

Gel Nails.

Gel NAIL set with white  tip extention   $65.00

Pink& White overlay    $55

Gel Fill   $40

Please know that a drill never needs to be used on Gel.  Gel is much softer then arylic and less rigid.  Not everyone is a candidate for Gel!